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Hi folks!  Well, this is my very first post to my shiny new website...  Its going to focus on Travel and Photography, those being two of my passions - they go well together, don't they? As well as linking it into other social media sites and websites, I've made the site as mobile phone-friendly as I could, as most people tend to use their phones for the internet. And I've committed to posting regularly on this Blog, so do come back to see what I've been up to....

Looking back on 2016, a few highlights were: taking my first photo of the stars deep in the bush in Zimbabwe one night (see Africa section of this site), having my photo of Pompeii published as a double page spread in the Spanish edition of National Geographic Magazine (see Italy section), and winning a competition for landscape photography with a sunset shot of Whitby Abbey from last April (see Landscapes).  

We had a lovely Christmas en famille, but now its a new year and - I'm sure like you - I have lots of optimistic plans...  There'll be more travel, of course - we've already booked our flights to Holland in April, for example, while Chris is heading back to Africa, this time with her sister Diane, in March - and as well as continuing my weekly photowalks in the countryside I'm aiming to try some wild camping!  I'm sure you're familiar with this - if not, its a matter of heading out into the wild with your tent, sleeping bag, cooking gear etc, all on your back, and 'roughing it'...  No shower/toilet blocks to resort to, for example!   It might not sound too inviting, especially in the depths of a British winter, so why would I want to do it?  Simple - to get better photographs!  Sometimes camping out is the only way to get a sunrise shot from a mountain top, say, or a dark sky photo of the Milky Way with a rock formation in the foreground... Mind you, I'm easing myself in gently - I asked for solo camping gear for Christmas from my dear ones and I've now got most of what I need, but I'm giving the weather time to warm up a bit before I try my first outing....  But watch this space, the ups and the downs of wild camping (and much much more) will be brought to you here illustrated in photos and who knows, maybe video too!  

Hope you like the new site - do feel absolutely free to comment on anything you see or read here.  Why not jot your name and email in the box below and I'll update you automatically? 

Oh, and let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a very, very happy New Year!